See Beyond The Spoken Word

The art of discovering temperament and character

from outward appearances

The ability to read the body is critical.

While a deceptive person can try to disguise their face, it is extraordinarily difficult for a deceptive person to disguise the telltale signs of both the body and the face.

Pappillon Strategies Group, Inc. offers unique expertise in the use of Physiognomics as a tool to discern deception and untrustworthiness.

Physiognomics uses the universal, nonverbal clues we each  involuntarily convey.  Our faces and bodies are the transcript of our character and history.  Physiognomics can be applied to decode these clues in any interpersonal transaction, in any location, among any race or  culture.

Pappillion Strategies Group, Inc. has developed a user-friendly,  geometric system for evaluating trustworthiness in strangers and gain insight applicable in any and every situation.

We Provide

Hands on participation to learn to:

  • Communicate with others from their point of view
  • See beyond the spoken word to reduce implicit biases, assumptions, stereotypes and micro-aggressive affections or tendencies
  • Understand nonverbal behavioral patterns, language barriers and cultural intentions
  • Sharpen your ability to better understand the unspoken language others project in their personal and business relationships
  • Be more persuasive
  • Better understand the decision making process

Physiognomics is a tool for recognizing facial, body expressions, and cultural intentions


Law Firms
Legal Proceedings
Tech Companies
Higher Education
Business Negotiations
Law Enforcement (Federal, State, and Local)


City of Phoenix
Sands Consulting Group Inc.
Years of confidential work with clients from sizeable and notable law firms for jury selections.

Dr. Celeste Linguere Johnston

President and CEO

Dr. Celeste Linguere Johnston, MPA, PhD, PCC, is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and is a certified Professional Executive Coach by the Internationnal Coaching Federation (ICF).

She offers training to increase awareness of nonverbal behavioral cues: the ability to read not only the face but also the entire body. This ability to read the body is critical as it is extraordinarily difficult for a deceptive person to disguise the signs of the body and face.

As a consultant, executive coach, and trainer of trainers, Dr Johnston has developed a user friendly, geometric system for evaluating trustworthiness in strangers.

Seeing beyond the spoken word reduces implicit biases, assumptions, stereotypes, and micro-aggressive affections or tendencies. The nuanced understandings of nonverbal behavioral patterns, language barriers, and cultural intentions are enhanced. Emotional Intelligence (EI) becomes a more conscious interactive response. Physiognomics makes people more adaptable to circumstances that are different from their own. Inclusive diversity functions and authentic leadership are hallmarks of world-class enterprise strategies.


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