FOX U.S. President Debate 2008

The U.S. President Debate between John McCain and Barrack Obama.  Non-verbal language speaks volumes even when the rules are spontaneous.  See how each candidate stands from their strength and shrinks in their weakness .  See how they operate from pressure and to questions to which they do not know the answers.  Notice the shoulders, throat, position of the head as well as the body stance.  See the button pushes in action, and how one is taken off balance in these particular body types.   Mr. Obama the Thoracic/Osseous, Muscular, Cerebral and Mr. McCain the Cerebral/Muscular, Osseous/Abdominal.  This was really a test of entitlement and wills.

What you see within others is also within you!

Yes, it is what is it is .  We have been trained so often to define others in terms of their unlikeness with ourselves.  However, that unfortunately separates one from the like humanity.  Opposites reflect the mirrored images of the same coin, i.e. tall and short, fat and skinny, round and square, flat and thick.  These are positives and negative which each are necessary for the internal balance.  Unless you have had the same life and cultural experiences of an individual it is unlikely that your balance (body type) would be the same.

The focus of Physiognomics as in the original teachings of Aristotle, we all are reflects of our thought processes and practices.  Present day circumstances have forged our bodies in ways and fashion from different than our ancestor.  Time has a very different reflection than could have been imagined so many centuries ago.  Even in our abilities to artificially change our outward appearance, if the mind does not follow, it will show up in another part of the body; hence Plastic Surgery Junkie.   As goes the mind, goes the Body.  Everyone is made from their unique specialness, what is most important is to appreciate the varied blends of humanity.

EveryBODY is unique in its own way. Respect the body you are in, as you change your mind surprises will follow.  You are the product of your collective experiences.

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Body Language of Vice President Debate

Fox News asked me to analyze the Vice President debate with Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. It is very interesting how peoples body language will reveal their inner thoughts. Watch and learn about the Physiognomics of those in the spot light.

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Your Body Type and Physiognomics

Communication is largely non-verbal. Body language and unspoken language (Physiognomics) reveal the nuances of our communications. What is verbally articulated accounts for only a small percentage of what we really convey in a conversation, negotiation or any interpersonal interaction. While most people are familiar with the basic ways of interpreting body language, they do not realize how much silent information they provide and are able to receive. Communications are further complicated by gender, cultural and ethnic differences.

Non-verbal aspects of communication, incorrectly interpreted, often result in low work quality and decreased productivity. Organizations or individuals with ineffective communications are hampered by low morale, high stress and distrust.

Personal Dynamics is a synergistic tool for interpreting the silent language of body structure and non-verbal expression. This technique enhances the ability to see beyond the spoken word… What the mouth does not reveal, the body always does!

Personal Dynamics expands the ability to master non-verbal strategies for successful communication. Physiognomics provides a great tactical advantage in achieving objectives. THE BODY NEVER LIES.

Who Can Benefit?

If you believe that you can benefit from improving your ability to understand and communicate with others, whether co-workers, employees, clients, children, business rivals or others, you should attend a one of Linguere’s workshops.

Personal Dynamics Workshop

This workshop consists of a step-by-step process to learn to interpret the silent language of body structure and the subtle nuances of non-verbal expression. Linguere will lead participants in a fun-filled process of discovering yourself as others see you.

Courtroom Application

  • Evaluate What Prospective Jurors Are NOT Telling You
  • Understand Judges Better
  • Maximize Dealings With Opposing Counsel
  • Gain Insights Into Witness Personalities

Professional Applications

  • Better Understand the Decision Making Process
  • Structure Your Approach and Style to Each Person
  • Gain Insight Application in Every Situation
  • Be More Persuasive
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Enhance Awareness of Self
  • Improve Interpersonal and Intercultural Relations… Gender and Ethnic Diversity
  • Balance Personal and Professional Empowerment Choices
  • Reduce Stress By Feeling Centered