What you see within others is also within you!

Yes, it is what is it is .  We have been trained so often to define others in terms of their unlikeness with ourselves.  However, that unfortunately separates one from the like humanity.  Opposites reflect the mirrored images of the same coin, i.e. tall and short, fat and skinny, round and square, flat and thick.  These are positives and negative which each are necessary for the internal balance.  Unless you have had the same life and cultural experiences of an individual it is unlikely that your balance (body type) would be the same.

The focus of Physiognomics as in the original teachings of Aristotle, we all are reflects of our thought processes and practices.  Present day circumstances have forged our bodies in ways and fashion from different than our ancestor.  Time has a very different reflection than could have been imagined so many centuries ago.  Even in our abilities to artificially change our outward appearance, if the mind does not follow, it will show up in another part of the body; hence Plastic Surgery Junkie.   As goes the mind, goes the Body.  Everyone is made from their unique specialness, what is most important is to appreciate the varied blends of humanity.

EveryBODY is unique in its own way. Respect the body you are in, as you change your mind surprises will follow.  You are the product of your collective experiences.

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